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Oxtail soup Iron Chef Sakai style

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I have about 5 pounds of oxtail left in the freezer and thought I'd like to try this, if I can find out a little more about the ingredients.  This one was described by one of the judges in the oxtail challenge as his absolute favorite soup.  I can eat oxtail with a red wine sauce any day of the week, but how could I resist trying to make this now with that kind of recommendation?


All I know of it so far is that it contains ginger, so what else?


Perhaps one particular form of Dashi?  Maybe some kind of soy?  Rice wine?....???


Any help here, even your guesses or even recomendations, would be appreciated.





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bone marrow and tea.  and red wine.


Chef Sakai, however, made more of a stew than a soup.


If memory serves...

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No actually he made stew and soup, red wine and bone marrow for the stew.  I don't know as if I could handle bone marrow in my soup, I think I could do without the heaviness at the moment anyway.


Here's the youtube presentation I viewed

I did skim thru some parts but believe I caught all of the talk on the soup.


His soup must have been fairly colorless too, the rice he added to his variation here had the white shining right thru.



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  • Oxtail royale and tartare toast
  • Oxtail red wine stew
  • Oxtail soup with gyoza
  • Oxtail risotto
  • Shochu sorbet



  • Oxtail jelly and broad bean mousse with oxtail
  • Oxtail foie gras croquette
  • Oxtail red wine stew
  • Risotto with oxtail, ginger, bamboo shoot, enoki


You might be referring to the last item.  "Rice in soup".


I could deal with the bone marrow, but might have to forgoe Hosokai's horsemane fat tartare. (where's the puking emoji???)

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Yeh it's the last one, this was a variation on his oxtail soup,  must be more to it than that though.


Really on the horse fat?  Though I haven't tried it yet I hear horse fat is even niftier than duck fat, and now that you mention it I'll have to see if we have any sources Stateside.  I hear the french fries and English roasties calling.





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I'll bet that it really isn't more complex than perfectly made risotto using a perfectly made oxtail broth. And then the perfectly cut garnishes. You can do it!

The mystery is how it turned out so white. May have been a thin soup stock. I can imagine how that would have appealed to the audience more than a really beefy soup stock.
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Regarding horse fat spuds... Please don't invite me to dinner that night!!!!
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I don't eat rice but as soon as I find out how to make the perfect oxtail broth I'll certainly let everybody know!


One thing I do know right now, don't overdo the bay leaf; and vermouth in an oxtail dish is an acquired taste.




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Well anyways after some research I think my first attempt's ingredients to be as follows:


Katsuodashi (Bonito flake based dashi)



orange peel

dash soy

smaller dash fish sauce

maybe enoki, kombu and/or some others of a vegetable sort


Present or following attempts may add:




black/white pepper

some sort of hot pepper

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Can't wait to hear the results. One item to think about - Konbu is likely an ingredient in the dashi of the first line. You may want ot make sure it doesn't inadvertently get a double dose unless you really want lots of glutimates and seaweediness.

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Right thanks, I believe that is a typical dashi ingredient.

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