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Going rates for time

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Good day.  I recently left professional kitchens after twenty years  to work as a private chef on a corporate jet. My boss has asked me to cook for his family in addition ton my duties on the plane. My question is, how much is a reasonable fee for my service. After cost of food, delivery (gas, tolls, parking) how much is my time worth.  I have an idea, but I don't want to be too high or low. Thank you.

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Depends on your location but with the private jet crowd i cant imagine less than 50 bucks an hour as a minimum.
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Fifty sounds about right to me too although that may just be what I would like to get paid. 

However, I would be interested in a brief description of your day to day duties as a corporate jet chef. Up until your post I had no idea that was even possible. Do you cook entirely on the plane or prepare in a kitchen somewhere and finish on the plane?  Are these return flights to home base the same day or are you cooking while traveling so overnights are involved? 

What kind of menus do you prepare and serve? 

Anyway, good luck. 

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