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Room Temp Recipes?

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I have a project for my nutrition class that has me as befuddled as I am upset with the parameters set by the professor.


The idea of the project is to create an imaginary menu for a single meal (app, entree, dessert, beverage), but for one of the components of the meal I must do a nutritional analysis, full recipe with instructions, then I have to find a way to make that item healthier by changing ingredients. I then have to write a two page justification for the changes. This is not the problem.


The problem is that I must prepare the item for the class to evaluate, but the professor says that we have no way to hot hold or cold hold the item. Then she turns around and encourages us to ensure that hot food be warm for proper eval.


Being a cook, I'd like to invent a protein-based item for the project, but I am too conscious of food safety and sanitation to let the samples sit out in room temp for hours. My main constraint is time. I only have fifteen minutes of free time before my Nutrition class, and that is the only window of time during my school day.


Now, I could do cookies, or biscuits, or some such, but she showed example projects from past students and they have all done that.


I'd like to be different. Do any of you have any ideas about proteins that I might be able to prepare that would hold at room temp all day, after having been refrigerated the night before? How about any ideas for something other than baked goods?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Because of the amount of culinary students that are in nutrition, the chefs won't allow us to use ovens, fridges, hotboxes, etc., as they are full and being used all day by the rest of the classes.

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If your campus has a dining hall of any kind, there should be a walk in somewhere. The chef should have no problem letting you keep it there once you explain the assignment. Then your fifteen minutes is just spent going to pick it up. 

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I would probably do some sort of Pate or Terrine.

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@RedBeerd Cantu what did you end up with and was it received well?



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I ended up doin' a hummus. A classic hummus that was heavy on the lemon. I was originally gonna use my recipe from the restaurant, but I slapped myself.


The class outwardly loved it. They killed all 15oz of it. The best review I got was along the lines of, "I hate hummus. You've changed my mind."


I REALLY wanted to do a hot food, but whatever...props are props and I'll take those, if the grade matches!

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