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Grill Cooking Help

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Hello, I am a broiler & flat top cook at a corporate restaurant with pretty tight bill times. I need advice on how to be a faster cook, and more proficient while on the line. I know a few things taught to me like steak selection, cooking times,temperatures, and signs of doneness. I worked my first corporate kitchen job as a broiler which was great, and I never really had a hard time getting bills out on time. With this restaurant though it seems the bill times are very tough to match, but no other broiler cooks there have a hard time doing this(of course they have a few years of experience at this place). I can do very well at getting steaks out to the correct temperatures. It just seems to be the timing problem that I can't manage. I know it will take practice to get there, but I am wondering if I might be missing anything here. I find with the other broiler cooks though they seem to skip steps like seasoning both sides of steaks, or burgers.There is a decent amount of quality cooking that I was taught that they are not doing during rushes. I am a perfectionist so I think this is where I can't match the speed they want from me. I have only been at this restaurant for almost a month now, and it has been about half a year since I was a broiler cook before this job. What can I improve on to get bills out faster? Thanks for taking the time to read this, and helping me out to be a better cook!

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If seasoning both sides of the steak is slowing you down, how fast are your ticket times? Do you mean a grill or a roll out broiler?
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If you're not in the public eye mix your salt and fresh pepper, garlic, whatever together.  Season the side that's going down then season the other before you turn.  At home I season only one side, but make sure that is the show side when plated.  I like a small knob of compound butter on top too.

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You say you're ok with cuts and timing. If you're timing is correct what is your trouble with tickets. Blended tickets with items from other stations or coming up short when you're items are called. Are you firing at will?

You previously worked the broiler. What is going on, on your flat top?

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It's not seasoning both sides of the steak it's seasoning in general. Everything I cook is seasoned with either S & P, or steak spice. Over time seasoning both sides of every protein and vegetables will add up. The grill cooks there tend to slap down a burger and season the one side while I do both sides. Same with steak , and etc... I work with a gas range grill, with metal plates below the bars.

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I never season the side of the steak(or burger, or fish) that I put down on the grill. In my opinion you get better marks if you don't. I season again when I flip it. Veggies toss in a pan with oil & s&p then hit the grill
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First, I always use Tongs when I picking up steaks, if I use my bare hands, I need to wash them, and that slows you down. If its grill bars, I season one side, and the other after flipping, and I uasally finiah with some more s+p when its resting because when you flipping it much of it falls off. And I recon it should be perfectly season when it goes out!
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