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Job search, recruiting & headhunters

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I am wondering if any chefs can share their experience with job searches once they have advanced a bit in their career.


I am currently under contract with my employer for a set time and considering my options for renewing vs. finding a new position.  However, I find that I have become a bit more specialized in my career over the last few years.  The bright side is that I have skills and experience that may be in demand for certain positions, but I find it harder to locate those jobs.  I am willing to relocate but am kind of overwhelmed with all of the job search websites available.



What options have other chefs used to find jobs or recruit successfully?

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You might want to check out to see their jobs listings or see which recruiters are posting so you can contact them directly for more information; that site has different categories (hotel, restaurant, etc) that will allows you to narrow your search and that's more help than a blind posting on or  There's also but I don't know much about that site.  If you know what you want your next step to be, then contact places in cities where you would consider relocating to and ask what they may have to offer, or where they'd direct you to look.  If you have a good relationship with your Exec, or a different chef who you consider a mentor (and will also not divulge you're asking), then ask them to recommend a place to contact.  Are you a member of a pastry guild or chefs group online (like on FB) that you can put the word out?  Networking being what it is, it can't hurt.


If you went to culinary school, the school's placement department might be of some help.  I say that with some hesitation because I don't think a lot of schools are truly interested in advancing the career of their students (Johnson and Wales excepted) and if you've been out of school for a while, it wouldn't be useful anyway.

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Thank you, JCakes, I had forgotten about Starchefs, they do have several postings.
Networking would be ideal if I weren't such an introvert. I have found most of my jobs up to now through people I know, but I'm not sure how far that will take me this time.
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