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Pastry/Baking School in Sweden

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Hej da!


I am doing my Certificate in Pastry & Bakery in Singapore - ending in Dec 2015.

I am looking for a school in Sweden where I can continue to pursue my Diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts.  Recommendations anyone?

Why Sweden?  .... I just love the country.

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Prata svenska? I've worked with some graduates from this school. 3 year program that is pretty complete. You probably need swedish but honestly I'm not certain. The link above is in English. Something to keep in mind is that tuition is charged to non Swedish non EU citizens now and the housing situation in Sweden is a nightmare unless you're going to buy an apartment. In Swedish cities that will cost you a few hundred thousand euros. Please feel free to ask me any questions, i live here.
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Hej Lagom,


i know this thread is really old but I have a few questions. I've been living near stockholm for the past couple of years but have not been able to advance in my swedish as I've been taking care of the kids. But now that they're bigger I was wondering of taking up a full time course perhaps a bachelors degree in patisserie or something along the same line? do you know of any that conducts its lectures in english in stockholm, södertalje, i guess i can consider relocating to gothenberg too? thanks in advance

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Hi ckwebber. Honestly can't say about the schools in the Stockholm area but I'm pretty sure that all of the culinary based curriculum is in Swedish. A good source to check would be the local SFI or Arbetsformefling, I know a lot of universities have course work in English but I think it mostly centers around the sciences.

Another source you could contact would be IES, there is one in Södertaljie. It is a grungskol but a entire system of English schools.

I know that Stockholm has a lot of good restaurants and bakery/ pastisseries, it may just be as good to look for a mentor. Then again you know how Swedes are, that piece of paper is important 😀
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