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Dried fruit

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I thought that I was allergic to the sulfites used to preserve dried fruits because when I eat them I have difficulty breathing, within minutes it feels like my airway is closing. I don't seem to have a sensitivity with sulfites within other foods, what could be causing this? Do others have this problem?
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Is it a specific dried fruit or all dried fruits? Home made or store bought?  Store bought may have something else as an ingredient that could cause it. Could it be the fruit itself you are allergic to?

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It's only store bought ones and I can eat anything normally, I wonder if there's an additive that they're not listing.. After some internet research it's possible that it could be an abundance of mold spores that seem to be common in the dried fruit but even that seems odd to me.
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If I were you I would try the sulfite free dried fruits. They have sulfite free prunes at my local Trader Joe's ... and probably in other stores as well. See if that's the issue or not. 


Good luck to you. Diagnosing a food allergy is not a fun exercise. 

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Thank you FF, I don't remember having seen them sulfite free, will see if it's the culprit
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