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Trying to perfect a chili paste for kimchi.

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Hey new to kimchi, trying to get a chili paste going. Been using the korean chili flakes, garlic and onion powde,r a little tumeric, lime and fish sauce. Next time I think ill try adding sugar? I just think its a bitter for my taste with no sugar so I think i need to change something. The fish sauce makes it plenty salty, and right now I perfer it over salt in most things right now.

The only other though: what do you think of making kimchi but use chipotle instead of the korean chili? Might be interesting.

Thanks guys!
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It depends on the greens you may be using. I don't know your recipe. I make mine with Napa cabbage, mustard greens, green onion.

If these impart a bitter taste then add a little sugar. I use Korean chili powder in mine.

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Ok so it sounds like your recipe is solid, though the mustard greens would be interesting. I am a fan of the korean chili though I was just trying to come up with different ideas.

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A quick google search :


Very different than what you describe.

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Oh... thats completely different. Wish I had a nice pot like that, but im sure it wont be a deal breaker. The second thing is its starting to get cold so im not sure how much sun I will have.

I will look into this and let you know if it works out!
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I would use home made harissa, the best chili paste I know of... Fierecly red also.

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If you have a market near you that sells gochugaru (the flakes) they should also have good gochujang. I'm betting most Koreans no longer ferment their own gochujang these days, even though I think most people do still make their own kimchi--using the commercially prepared paste. I have a few Korean cookbooks and they seem to consider commercially prepared gochujang to be a completely acceptable--in fact--essential-- ingredient.

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