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S'mores Station

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I have a client requesting an interactive Make Your Own S'mores station.  Has anyone done anything like this before and what have you found to be the best set up.  This is for about 125 guests and we will need to move quickly.

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We do this a lot for outdoor events. We purchased a bunch of small charcoal grills (very cute!) and set up stations (number of stations depends on number of guests.) We put the small grill in the middle of a 60" round table, marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and long sticks around the perimeter. We also dress up the table to make it look beautiful. Every station is monitored by staff. Very popular - guests love it.


I've heard others who do this indoors. They use sternos for toasting the marshmallows. Never did this before but I'm thinking maybe place sternos in long thin pan with river rocks to hide them, or use glass blocks. Then put toppings in front.


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Great idea!  This sounds like it can work perfect for our event!  Thanks!

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