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Braised short beef

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Just toying with the idea, how about if cook short ribs in oven (cover) until tender, strain, pour the sauce, cool down and then serve it the next day? Would be tasty like normally braised or the meat is tasteless or taste only salt (sprinklesome salt before cooking)
the reason I ask because with regular braised, I end up with to much liquid, I have to reduce it, and 30kg/batch is not easy to manuver, take long time to turn the short ribs (cut into 2).

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Do you mean cook them without the sauce? Don't do it. The meat flavors the sauce and the sauce flavors the meat. Reducing it gives you a chance to skim the fat and adjust flavors- all pluses- but if you get too much liquid just reduce the amount of liquid.
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Usually I reduce the sauce almost like a paste before I add the meat, but because the jus from the meat, i have to reduce after cooking (mostly get more than 1 l of fat too). I thought if iI cooked separately, and pour the sauce (with reduce jus) the meat will absorb the sauce.
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Alton Brown has a recipe where you sear and brown the short ribs, and then tosses with tomato paste and a few other ingredients. He cooks them in the oven. Separate and drain,; refrigerates the sauce, removes the fat cap and cooks the veg with it. Have a look :

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So, is it 30kg of short ribs? What are you cooking it in? How much sauce do you serve with it?
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