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career research

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Hi;   I am looking for input on my career research paper, I have a bunch of questions I have to ask paper carrying seal of approval chefs,  Employee interview as it is called,

I was wondering if any chefs would like to participate, and answer some questions.

Sure would help as not every chef has time in person , too busy. so hopefully the net of communication via internet can help.   


Kind regards

cast  iron

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Yo Cast Iron,


What you schooling for?  Where at?  I might answer some questions for ya...

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I would be happy to help.  Email questions to and I will respond.  You need to make and A.

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Hi. Thanks for your time . to start it is a certifcate for camp cook. It is at our UFV. Here are some of the ?. How long have u worked at this job?
What are your responsibilities of your postion.?
Did u receive on the job training in your postion or did u attend a training program to be skilled in this job.
What do you most enjoy about your job.?
What do u enjoy the least about your work?
If you were starting again what would u do different?
How is your job dfferent from how u expected it to be?
Are thete any special tools for this postion?
What resource material should i read or obtain?
Well hope u can help with that questionare. Thankyou.
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If you need help writing a paper I would suggest you work on your spelling, grammar and composition first.  What is a UFV?  I think they are asking about your experience as a cook not ours.  Who is u? If you are applying for a job as a camp cook my first question is have you ever worked in a commercial kitchen?

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Hi. I am not writing a paper i would have been going to University of the Fraser Valley in Chilliwack B.C. Canada
Those questions are for the chef or cook. I have worked in a commercial kitchen for an executive chef as well as Head Cook for a senior facility.The question were for funding of the program at UFV. No matterhow much experience in a kitchen. Employers are looking for a certificate.
OH by the way there may be spellint mistakes due texting on a small phone screen.. aNyways thank you for your input.
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