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Damascus 8" Chef's

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I've reached the point in my knife search where to go further is going to pricey... so I've joined up here and ask your help


Although having owned many knives and regularly changing them, I am only a recent convert to the more select ones


To this end, I now own a JCK Caronext 10" Chef's, a 10" Robert Welch Signature Cooks and have owned and passed on a Wusthof, which I found too heavy. I also own a Victorinox 8" Chef's


The 10" Robert Welch I enjoy very much and is pretty much my go to knife now. The handle seems to fit my hand (BIG) very well, and I can use a pinch grip and not get my fingers dangerously close to the blade. I like its light balanced feel too


I would however like a Damascus knife and in 8" sizing, and for not much other reason for its looks. I like the look of the Shun hammered/damascus, but these knives seem to get a mixed press


From many hours of looking, I did like the look of the Tojiro Senkou. The handle grabs (!) me, and so does the blade pattern


Bob Krarmer's offerings are nice, but the handle puts me off. It's similar to the one on the JCK I have and I find I am gripping it with my little finger on the end curve of the handle is very uncomfortable


Budget is flexible 


Over to you

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Originally Posted by MillionsKnives View Post

Thanks for the link


Very nice looking knives


When I said my budget was flexible, I wasn't thinking ~$700 :) $300 maybe 


Thanks again though, and nice knife. I like this one:


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I would like more of a 'German Profile' blade for rocking etc


So far, I'm liking the look of the hammered Kikuichi Elite Warikomi, but I think the handle would be too small and it max's the budget



The Kai Shun Premier TDM-1706 Chefs Knife 20cm is better priced


And, as a left-field possibility, there's the Tojiro Senkou 18cm vegetable knife. Never used one of these shaped knives, but may complement what I have already?


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I'm confused. You say you like German profile but 2 of the 3 you show are not.  :suprise:


If you are considering the Shun Premier I can vouch for it. I use that knife and a Classic on a day-to-day basis in a home kitchen. Been using them for many years. The Premier has both a nicer look and a more comfortable handle than the Classic. Both cut basically the same. The mixed press is something to consider to determine if there are aspects of the knife that would make this knife unacceptable for you. I have not experienced chipping (or shattering) as some report except for the time I dropped it onto a ceramic tile floor. In normal use, if I need to do heavy duty breakdown of tough veg or meats I use a heavier knife to avoid chipping during normal use. Mine stays sharp for quite a while with not much more than occasional swipes on a ceramic rod or a smooth steel rod. But when it gets dull it gets really dull and isn't the easiest to sharpen. If I have the time and patience I sharpen myself but in the absence of either I have sent to a reputable professional sharpener and had good results.


If I were to re-think my purchase of the Shun Premier chef knife, I would seriously consider a 10 inch instead of 8 inch since I already have several 8 inch chef knives.


Good luck in your decision!

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Oops :o  There's the limit of my knife know-how for you :)


Thanks for the reply. Good to hear your experience with the Shun


Is the Shun the 'German' profile?


I have a 10" which I am happy with, that has a rounded blade profile (the Robert Welch below). Fits in my large hand beautifully too. So all's good with 10" which is why I was thinking of something different for this Damascus


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