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I visited 3 knife shops this weekend. One was actually a Japanese grocery store but that's off topic I guess. My original budget was $150 Canadian, give or take. And I'd still like to stick to that general area but after my visits, I'm considering spending a lot more. One shop suggested I stay away from Japanese knives because they are to fragile. He recommended a K Sabatie (hope that's spelled correctly) 7" chef knife. I didn't like the feel of it. The other two shop I visited were a little more laid back and just asked that I find a knife that was comfortable in my hand. I was looking at the 8-9" Gyuto's mostly. Unfortunately for my budget, the knives I liked best were well beyond my budget. The Kikuichi 240mm and the Masakage Kumo 240mm. These particular knives are Damascus and very sexy. I shouldn't be taken by their looks, but I am. Both knives are more than double my budget. I don't have an issue with funds, I just set an arbetrary dollar figure.

For a home chef with slightly better than average knife skills (maybe) is spending more actually going to give me more performance? Or is the bulk of the cost eye candy. I'm frugal, so I prefer not to spend unless the product justifies it.

I'm also still open to brand suggestions. I would just like to make sure the knife is available in Canada. Duties suck!

I may have mixed up some of the names and sizes above. I'm going by memory.