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Help finding commercial kitchen

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I am a start-up catering business in the Denver area and I'm having a hard time finding a kitchen to cook my food. Because I am a start-up, I have basically nothing to spend on the kitchen. Anyone have any advice on finding commercial kitchens that aren't advertised as Commissary Kitchens. I have been to all of them in town and they are averaging $20 an hour to use. Thanks!!

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Hi there! I am in the Denver area as well, and am also looking for a shared kitchen space. I noticed your post was from a year ago. Did you have any luck?


Thank you for any insight and advice!

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Did you try looking into licensed commercial kitchen space that isn't shared use/commissary?


Churches, restaurants, private schools?


I'd start looking at the Denver department of health website results:




And calling them up and seeing if they rent out their kitchen. 


Hope this helps.

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HI Erin, I did have some luck. I ended up renting a kitchen from a church near where I live. I literally called and emailed about 100 of them and one finally said yes and had a perfect kitchen for me to use. I pay them a small amount for rent as well as cook them dinners about 10 times a month. They offer a discipleship class in the evenings and this is what I make dinners for. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions, I love being able to help. 

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