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Unexpected present - All-clad 12 inch skillet

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Hi all,

I just received a used 12in All-clad skillet, completely unexpected. It's got a couple of scratches on the surface, but overall looks good.

How do I find out what's it made of and, consequently, how to care for it, whether thos scratches are a problem or not, etc?

I tried googleing the number written on the bottom and looking it up on the all-clad website, but didn't find anything useful yet. And I'm too excited at the moment anyway smile.gif
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Post a picture
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And the scratches:
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Big problem! Ugly skillet ugly food I always say.




Looks a lot like this one


Or it could be solid stainless steel.  Either way, you cook the same way. 


If the scratches are a problem, take it up a sandpaper progression.  They're just cosmetic though. Once you start cooking, those scratches will be covered up with stains anyway.  I recommend getting some 'Barkeepers Friend', but don't go nuts on it.  I do a deep clean a few times a year.

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Just a random thought, but what about checking an authoritative source:


If you couldn't find it on the web site I don't know what you were looking at. All Clad are clad except for their anodized series, which are black.


The scratches are cosmetic. It is possible that there may be a bit more stickiness at the scratch sites but proper cooking techniques should make that negligible. But those interior marks look to be from storing skillets in skillets, or from spatulas... not even what I would call scratches. Your worst scratching are on the outside... which unless you using the bottom to cook crepes is a non-issue.

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Thanks guys, that's great. I wasn't really worried about the aesthetics of the pan, just how thick the top coating is and how serious the scratches are.

@BrianShaw: I used the number from the bottom of the pan and typed it in to the 'search' field at, this is what I got:

As I said in the original post, I was way to excited at the first moment to do a step-by-step search of the web site smile.gif I got this thing for free and just when I was about to spend my birthday gift voucher on a frying pan!
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I, too, find it odd that the codes on the bottoms mean something to someone but don't seem to provide very useful information.


Getting that skillet right when you need one is great happenstance for you. Hope you enjoy it!

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