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Baking Bread?

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Most directions for baking bread uses 1 9X5 loaf pan. I recently purchased the mini-loaf pans. So I am wondering how long I would bake them for and at what temperature.(I would be baking your basic banana, pumpkin type of breads)
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I usually reduce the time used for a 9x5 by 25% for 2 or three smaller loaves. So if the recipe calls for 40 minutes, I'll check at 20 minutes (halfway) and most recipes are usually done in 25-30 minutes time (approx. 25% less time). Just be sure to do a cake tester test and mark the new time in your cookbook with a post-it note for future reference. I'm always changing recipes and have lots of post-it-notes stuck in cookbooks. :D
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Sweet potato bread

I recently had two leftover baked sweetpotatoes (the dark orange type--maybe yams?) .
Anyway I didn't want to waste them so I took my favorite banana bread recipe and subbed the very soft, skinned mashed potatoes.
I also used a lot of chopped walnuts added a little more spices like ground ginger and tiny bit of ground cloves along with the cinnamon.

the result was great!:lips:

Sheesh, I posted this in the wrong place. I will take it to the recipes thread--sorry
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