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Which industrial cooking range is best?

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Hello chef community!

At the Buddhist retreat centre I work at we are looking to buy a new 10 burner, 2 oven gas range.


For the last 5 years we've been using a second-hand American Range.


While the stovetop works fine as of late the oven's have given us problem and as it is an older model can no longer be serviced,.


So likely we wont go with American Range again.


I hear Imperial Range makes a quality product so we might go with them.


Any other ideas for a company who make a product that lasts for the investment?



Look forward to reading your replies!

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We just put in a Vulcan 60 SC that we are happy with.  It has six eyes, 24" griddle and broiler, and two full size ovens.  They also have a 72"  with two more eyes.  I have been in kitchens that have Vulcan equipment 30-50 years old.

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Thanks for the input Jimyra. I've looked into a few different options and cancelled out Imperial and Blue Star both due to being too expensive, upwards of  $13,000 .  Capital doesn't offer a 10 burner option which we need so they are out.  That leaves Wolf which falls within the 4-8,000 dollar range and suits our budget.  Now I can check into Vulcan based on your review of satisfaction.

Thanks, it's really important to me to hear from real people in the heat of the kitchen to understand how a product works.  We serve 200 people daily in the peak of the season and that's no time to find out a product doesn't work!

Welcome to join the conversation any of you lurkers out there... I'd love hear more opinions from seasoned chef's!

Also are there time's of the year that one could expect large ticket items like a range to be on sale?



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Remember that many prices are manufactures suggested retail price.  The dealer may have as much as 60% markup to work with.  Shop the internet and then deal with your local people.  Ask if they can get you last years model for a better deal.  good luck

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Older 'Garland's' are my favorite...........used many others including Vulcan, Wolf.......been using for many years.  Easy light, easy maintenance and best is easy clean......especially the side mount grease tray.

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Take a look at if you are looking for high end quality

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