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New from Sweden

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my name is Marcus and im 23 years and studdy to become a chef. Before i started with this i studied at university but quited because it was so left wing (should be neutral because its the state) and because of that i startet to disslike it more and more and quited and started to study to become a chef. I have thought about that for many years but made different choices but now i feel like im at home!

This school is 1 year and then i can call myself chef/cook. All we learn is the basic so i have a long way before im a "real chef" but cant wait to finish my school and start to work!

my dream is to move to south korean or japan and work
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Hej. What school are you going too? Need a place for a prao? I'm located in göteborg.
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I study at Lernia in Örebro and i have had my first prao and in januari i will have my second and last one.
if i can ask, what resturand do you own/work at?
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Nearing graduation, gratis. Örebro is a beautiful city. Been there once for a meeting a couple summers ago. Ever been to the American foods and gifts store there? I still have a thing for pop tarts and order them from there every so often.

Im outta the daily grind of owning restaurants, have sold them all in the last couple years, now i do school food( not swedish school food) for IES in göteborg as well as large and small catering, anywhere from a small christmas party for a group of doctors like last night to Gothia cup( 50k plus in a week) my standard day is 1100 lunches from primarly scratch. I also import organic and non organic foods, wine and liqour from spain for the nordic markets and distrbute.

Your side of sweden has a lit of nice restaurants and opertunities but next time you come to the best coast let me know and maybe we can hook up for lunch or dinner.
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in mars i will be done and cant wait for it biggrin.gif

hmm, never heard of that store, they have an website? only know "the english shop" but not the american :/ but would <3 to find it!
Seems like its going good for you and thats great biggrin.gif

Götebrog is a nice city, havent been there that much because i prefer Stockholm because of the football team biggrin.gif

if i may ask, how come you sold your resturant? was to much with resturant and catering or you just prefer catering?

btw, you know if there is many people from sweden on this site?

also, because i dont have so much left in school they let me do some special things now, like project or something but i dont have any idea what to do. You know something ?

thinking about to try do make a michelin guide meny (have cookbooks from resutrants) and try to cook it, but not sure
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