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knives sharpers

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i have a Miyabi 5000MCD, what brand of steel sharper should i use for it?


help guys 

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Hi Suhaib, welcome to ChefTalk.  For the Miyabi and other higher end Japanese knives you should be sharpening with japanese waterstones.  What brand we can recommend depends on where you live.


Here is the best series of sharpening videos.  First half hour will get you the basics.


I use shapton pro splash and go stones and finish on a gesshin 5k for double bevels.  Higher grit stones I only use for single bevels and razors.  Shapton pro are available worldwide shipping from Japan on ebay cheaper than most retailers I've seen.


To start you want a 1000-2000 grit medium stone and 5000-6000 finishing stone.  If you get into it and need to sharpen more knives faster, get a coarse stone for repairs

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Hi millions Knives,

I'm looking for a steel sharper, because the knife is new so I want to to keep it sharp
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Your knife is made from a very hard steel at 63 HRC.  Softer steels will roll the edge with use.  A sharpening steel re-alligns that.  This steel won't roll and doesn't require as much sharpening.   It will chip before it rolls.


Regular maintenance on this is either 1) a few strokes on the finishing stone 2) ceramic rod 3) stropping on leather with or without compound


Stones are method #1.  You need them for sharpening anyway.

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What do you think about Lansky sharpening system?
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The problem with any sharpening jig is they focus only on the edge.  For a kitchen knife cutting through food everything behind the edge matters.  I can put a hair popping, paper cutting, edge on my hatchet but it is still fat and will wedge through food.


Problem #2 is they are really meant for shorter knives

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can you give me a good Japanese water stone, but not so expensive 

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