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Steak Cuts?

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Hey guys. I'm going to try and keep this short. I work at a Country Club as a greensman(cutting grass) and we had a xmas party and I actually won 4 NY Strip Steaks for the Raffle. So, I'm looking at them while picking them up from head chef today and I realize that either i don't know what a NY Strip Steak looks like... or I was handed better steak. These guys are huge and I remember NY Strip being a Strip... Keep in mind im not a cook yet, just a ambitious dishwasher(at TGIF not the Country Club) waiting for classes to start.


So what do you guys think?



Please keep in mind that I did use a DSLR camera and did a quick edit to make them more visible due to the photos being dark. So no need to point out if something doesn't look the right color. They look right in person, trust me.


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Yep, NY's.....The package on the right has the steaks placed in the package fat cap back to back, left side looks the opposite. The two also look like they are cut from opposite ends of the strip, left one being the rib end of the short loin.


Fire up some coals and enjoy.

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Don't overcook them.  Look at some other threads on proper temperature.  

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Well damn, I got hooked up well on that Raffle. Now I just need to grab some supplies and grill em up.

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