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Cheesecake Recipe's

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Can anyone direct me to any great, not run of the mill cheesecake recipes? I have chocolate chip's on hand and coconut flake's as extras. I am open to any suggestion's. I'm bored with my recipe's. Thank you

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I never get bored with plain NY/NJ cheesecake. But I understand where your at. Google around and find Ann Burell's goat cheesecake. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Familiar yet just a bit different in a very good way.
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... Or there is Michel Richards flan cheesecake. But the only place I've seen that recipe is in Sherry Yard's book. It is really good. As the prior suggestion: familiar but just a bit different in a rather unique way.
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Or the lazy cheesecake... that isn't baked...



Cream cheese

 beat those 2 until smooth then pour into a graham cracker crust. Top with fruit of choice when served!

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I ended up making a German Chocolate cheesecake.
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Then added melted chocolate for the topping ( which exploded on top, lol) and whipped cream. Please don't judge the mess, lol. It was wicked yummy.
I also toasted the coconut ( no added sugar) and pecans. That made the topping to die for.
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It looks wicked yummy, and to die for!
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Thank you Brian. I think that cheesecake single handedly had me gain 15 pounds, lol.
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Thank you Mary.
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Please by knowing that you have not added the extra sugar. When I had made this last, it was like sugar and sugar at all. I think this was due to I had used double the bittersweet chocolate. Will definitely make again.

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