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Hi All,


Since you guys helped me out in the decision making process I wanted to send you all a post decision update!


I received my Gyuto a couple days ago and I am very impressed. Beyond a somewhat gourmet fillet knife I have, this is my first real professional knife and it blows all my other cutlery out of the water. I've used the gyuto to slice beef in addition to a series of vegetables and it is a pleasure! No matter what I cut with it, the knife feels like it is going through a block of jello.


I am doing my best to upkeep it: wiping it while chopping, trying to avoid dragging it on the board or twisting it, washing with a drop of soap and hot water, drying completely before placing in its saya, using a quality cutting board, etc. etc. I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to knife skills, but I'm starting to see an improvement already. 


I hope this knife will be with me for many years to come!


Thanks again for all of your help!