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chocolate praline dacquoise cake

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Hi, I've been trying to research how to make a chocolate layer cake filled with a dacquoise layer, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and praline crunch. Does anyone have any tips on making this? I heard its a rather tough french dessert to master but I really wanna make it for my parents party.. I'm not entirely sure which recipe to use either cause so many are in french :/

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Take a look around

Start in the "pastry" folder with the "opera cake" recipe. Both recipe and technique provided.
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Gorgeous treat @sarahconstw .

Your parents did an excellent job raising such a thoughtful person.

OBTW....welcome to Chef Talk!



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Thanks! I think its a little different from what I'm looking for cause I want a crunchy base, not one with a cake/spongy like texture but thanks so much!! 

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Maybe the Esterhazy Torte?
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Oh I think that's it! He teaches you how to make dacquoise, thanks so much :) Now I've got the dacquoise layer down and the feuilletine & mousse layers to go haha 

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Good luck; enjoy the experience. Please post picture and let us know how yummy it was!
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Sounds very good and very difficult.  Good luck and post a picture.

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Setteveli is similar, but it layers chocolate and hazelnut bavarian creams with dacquoise and sponge cake..... we made this as a wedding cake last year for a client.  You might want to look at recipes for that to see if anything helps with inspiration.... good luck and congratulations on your parent's anniversary!

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@JCakes ohhh okay. What recipe did you use for your dacquoise? Was it chocolate? 

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Dacquoise is almost always a nut meringue; for the setteveli I used hazelnuts but it can be made with any type of nuts.  Be careful to pulse them in a food processor (with sugar, as the recipe directs) and not just turn on the food processor and walk away.  You want the nuts to be dry, not oily or pasty because if they're oily, they won't fold in well and the daquoise will spread a lot in the oven and you won't get the texture you want from it.  Also do some research on marjolaine, which is layers of daquoise and buttercream and ganache, left to sit for a few hours or overnight so the daquoise softens enough to cut cleanly.  If you're looking for a plain meringue, look up pavlova (just shape it with a piping bag and a wide, round tip like the dacquoise, don't do the raised edge)

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