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Octopus Salad Recall

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WOW!  Good to know mimi...

just WISH there were a Wegman's near us *sniff*


I buy my Tako whole from our asian market and then make Poke with it, MMM

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Never even tried it lol.

Once upon a time (think it was the attack of the killer strawberries) I thought it would be a good idea to be on the recall list.
Most of them concern cross contamination of common allergens ( mostly peanuts) but once in a while the recall will be something scary.
I share the scary ones.
One thing I have noticed tho..... once the first one is outed there are usually more to follow.
So plz be careful for the next few weeks sistah.
You are important to me!!!!!!

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back atcha @flipflopgirl

I'm not making and Tako Poke this time,

which is my preference, just the Limu Ahi again, so...

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