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Daikon questions

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This evening I had the pleasure of having a traditional chinese dinner !!. and one of the dishes consisted of pieces of beef and boiled daikon in a hot sauce. My questions are, first off does this vegetable have to be peeled before using ?, secondly does it have to be cooked or is eating raw OK ?. And can you pass along any recipes please ?
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Daikon Radish,
Like a carrot, you don't need to peel it.
and like a carrot you can eat it raw or cooked.
Try not to over cook it as the flavor subsides and the texture suffers.
Nice shaved on salads or in sushi.
I used to slice it into thin Gaufrettes with a mandoline and fry in 320 degree oil until crisp. Used to garnish all sorts of plates.

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Daikon also marinates and pickles well (sort term). The Vietnamese restaurants use it alot that way.

We use it along with carrots when making the cut out garnishes (see garnish thread) such as fishes and palm trees. Slice on slicer long ways and semi thick.
Chef Tigerwoman

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Chef Tigerwoman

Stop Tofu Abuse...Eat Foie Gras...
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I always peel diakon radish and I always use it raw. It makes a great pickle. I usurally marinate it in a little rice wine vinegar, sugar and a touch of sambal, and serve it as an accompaniment to a dish.
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