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Keurig bone broth

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If you're too lazy to make stock, buy it, or even open a can:  just brew it in your coffee maker


$2 for a k cup of chicken bouillon.. I hate everything

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:eek:...:confused:... :beer:... Nuff said...

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I saw that on TV this morning. Hmmm, mouse-sized Pho maybe? Lol
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What?! I question rather it tastes the same compared to if it had been done properly. Also wouldn't that effect the taste for when you use it again for coffee or tea?

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Gee, it seems to me that I could just put some Better Than Bouillon in a cup, 

pop that under my Keurig and dispense hot water ... and spend a heck of a lot less money

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Has science gone too far?!
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They should hook up with that soda co. Mmmm, hot ranch dressing. ;-)
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Wake me up when you can add grapes and make sparkling wine or champagne. Lol
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