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Hello All-

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I am very excited about becoming a part of this board.
I am new to the Culinary World. I am very interested in becoming a chef. I have so many questions as to how to make that happen and I hope to find some of those answers and advice here on this site.
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Hola to you, Cedai! Welcome to Chef Talk. Please tell us more about yourself here in the Welcome Forum, so we'll know some background to help us answer. Then, please visit the other forums to read and pose questions.

We have a wonderful search function! Take advantage of it to look for topics of your choice, and read past discussions. You can even add to them! We also have a Culinary Students' forum, where many of your questions may have already been brought up.

Again, welcome to Chef Talk!

Mezzaluna, moderator
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Hello cedai am glad you came here..:)...more people the happying and the more we learn from each other..anyway good luck ..:)
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For you welcome - It was very kind of you guys.

I am a help desk rep who loves cooking.
My knowledge is not extensive - but my passion for it is immense.
I am contemplating leaving the tech world behind for the culinary world. I have read many post here that detail the pro and cons.
There are many things to consider. There are no Culinary schools here and leaving would be difficult. Can I learn as much working in a restaurant? Is that education respected? What kind of position would I get with no past restaurant experience.
Am I even good enough to even try. Sigh...I am hoping to find some of these answers here. I will be looking at past posts and new ones- Any direction or advice is appreciated.
Thank you - CC-
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Hi in a restaurant is a whole different level than just cooking for 6 people or so.You could learn alot in a restaurant,but the thing is,it is great to learn at least the basics in a culinary school,but thats ok though,you could learn everything but is ganna take longer.The main thing here is if you wanna become a pastry chef or exc. chef, you have to jump to restaurant to restaurant and work very hard,many hours..etc..I am a pastry chef and it took me alot of work to get where i am now,i know so much for my age..hehe..but hey i worked day and night,but you maybe have a family or so,but you could still get up there..:)..anyway those are my throughts...GoodLuck..bye...
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