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Let me tell you a little story about Chinese takeout. It might move you from just a lost appetite to forcing fingers down your throat. We decided to "eat in" at a local Chinesevtakeout joint. We always liked the food. Often it wasn't anything we ordered but it was always tasty. We were served at a table in their small dining area, by the owner himself. But after giving us good he disappeared and never came back. So we waited and waite for the check, and waited some more. Eventually I strolled over to the kitchen door and knocked. No answer so I opened it and called out to the owner. What I saw was piles of chickens being butchered be a couple of guys. The owner rushed me and not only pushed me out of the kitchen door but out the front door into the sidewalk. All the time shouting in his best broken English, "you see too much; you see too much..." I tried paying and he refused, reminding me that I see too much. He just kept yelling until I left. I don't know what I saw so never returned or called for takeout again.

This story is pretty funny more than disgusting. However it makes me wonder if you owned a restaurant and if you wanted to raise your own poultry, pork, beef, or whatever animal; what processes can be done in the same building. At what point from the animal being alive to your plate does it become fabricating the meat for dishes and not a slaughterhouse. Wait I think I read your post wrong, can you elaborate?

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The chickens were already dead and plucked. There were big piles of them on the tables and a couple of guys breaking them down with cleavers.
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My first job was in a Chinese restaurant and I can attest to seeing this kind of thing; don't quite understand why the owner was freaking out. A few places I've rolled through more recently have fabricated whole hogs, tuna, sides of beef, etc. I haven't had the opportunity to learn these skills yet, but as far as what I observed this is usually done on a large dedicated SS table (At least until fabrication is complete and it has been sanitized.) stripped of any storage on the lower shelving and usually least a foot away from any wall or anything else in the kitchen. I believe larger operations dedicated kitchens for this. A John Besh restaurant here in New Orleans I've toured has a dedicated pastry kitchen for several of his restaurants in the area. Emeril's Delmonico has a second story kitchen with only a walk in cooler (For dry aging.), band saw, large SS table and a dish pit.

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All I read in @BrianShaw 's comment was "I worked at a Chinese Takeout and this will make you want to stick fingers down your throat..."

Yeah I think I'll save this comment for another day LOL...

I really liked the tip about health reports/violations.  I found a good site to check stuff out :).

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@LasagnaBurrito Honestly Brian's post is just weird and funny, not gross. A funny story I can recall is when working as a waiter at a place I can only describe as purgatory for waitstaff (Seriously I've Quit, Got fired, Been asked to come back, and Asked to have my job back at least twice each, in no particular order :crazy:) I came through the kitchen entrance through a corridor with bussed dishes to be blocked by a rat. After a brief staring contest, and a few muffled curses to get the thing to startle and scurry out the way, I had had it. I grabbed the heaviest spoon off my stack of plates and hummed it into its head like a Japanese throwing kunai, clocking it right in the head:laser:. The thing just looked up and cocked its head like "What's up with that dude? Your totally blowing my rat poison high mannn...". So I put the plates on the ice machine and got a broom and dustpan, swept the paralyzed rodent up and deposited him to the nearest Bourbon St. garbage can. My best friend/asst.manager and I Lmaoed at every cig break about the incident, citing it as another reason we gotta get outta that place.

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