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Telebrand Red Copper Pan

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So, I've seen the Telebrand Red Copper Pan advertisements, and while I usually don't pay much credence to those types of products (As Seen On TV products, not copper/ceramic pans), my interest is piqued.  My concern is that I can't find any customer reviews for the pan, so I don't know if its as good as (or even close to as good as) the advertisements claim.  Has anyone had a chance to use one or know of a place where I can read a customer review for it? 

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I didn't really look all that hard for any actual customer reviews. But, this review of the pan references other customer reviews that are not very flattering.  Check it out.


On Amazon, the Red Copper pan received just as many 1 star ratings as it did 5 star ratings.  The biggest complaint among the bad reviews is the non stick surface failed after only a few uses.  


Another major concern is how much copper do these pans really have?  If the pan actually contains copper and the non stick surface fails, its entirely possible that the food would be exposed to copper, which is not good at all. 


Like any "as seen on TV" products, there is always going to be hit or miss quality.  From what I have read about these pans, it seems to me the likelihood of poor to midland quality is rather high. 


I would steer clear of these.  You can buy a set of decent quality steel cookware for only a few dollars more overall. 


I hope this helps.



"Wine is sunlight held together by water." - Galileo
"Wine is sunlight held together by water." - Galileo
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I've had mine for about a month and I love it. Nothing sticks and it cleans up in a breeze. I can use my metal utensils and it doesn't scratch.It browns foods beautifully. Grilled sandwiches come out. I wish it came in a smaller and a larger size, as well. I'd buy both.

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If carries a product, there's usually a review. I always go to Amazon first thing when researching.

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I've just purchased one of these pans. (1 June, 2016)  My dad, who loves to cook, is notorious for ruining pans with metal utensils and using high heat so I thought this would be the right 'tool' for him. So far so good after 6 uses.

I did follow the instructions to "cure" the pan and cook it with a bit of oil it in a 350° oven for 30 minutes and I have instructed dad to not use soap in the cleanup.

I also used it twice. Once at high heat to brown scallops and some shrimp, adding a little butter and it did not scorch or discolor. The pan looks fine. The underside, however, is already beginning to get a bit of scorching signs but that may be simply a function of oils and with a bit of soap on the underside and some 'scrubby' pads I should be able to maintain that.

The handle does stay cool as advertised.

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I recently purchased the 10" skillet, loved how it cooked but it SCRATCHED my new stove top. The bottom of these pans are VERY ROUGH and scratch smooth top cooking surfaces. Don't understand why they would make the bottom so rough especially since the majority of cook tops are smooth surfaces.

Sure hope they re-release the pans with a smoother bottom.
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This pan ruined my glass cook top the very first time I used it leaving a gray discolored area where the pan sat. When I called the company they told me it was not suppose to be used on glass cook tops. In the meantime, my stove looks like crap and I told them the infomercials show them cooking on glass cook tops and I was told they have special pans for glass cook tops. You cannot win with these people. DO NOT BUY!!!!
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