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Got Wings? Super Bowl Fare?

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Admittedly, I'm not a sports fan, but wondered about chicken wings (prep, what to shop for, etc.), since they seem to be popular "man food."

As I understand it, the real deal originated from the Anchor Bar.

Tell me all about your wings. And, what else is on the menu/game plan?
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I have award winning wings I'll tell you what! Literally I win awards at wing competitions.


Go to restaurant depot, costco, sams, etc and get a 40 lb box of fresh wings (not frozen).  These are whole wings not "party wings" where they cut them in half.


Prep - Take off the wing tip, keep em for stock or render for fat.  Trim the excess fat on the inside of the "elbow".   Dry rub with your favorite dry rub mine is pretty simple bbq stuff - ground pepper flakes (guajillo, ancho, paprika, mild peppers),  black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, brown sugar.


COok- Smoke (or oven) at 250F.  Use a thermometer to check the temp.  Now here is the secret part...  If you want the juicy meat AND the crispy skin, deep fry after.  I take them off the smoker at 155 which is on the low side for dark meeat;  after deep frying it should be near 180 F for textural reasons.


Then toss it in glaze/sauce

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  Going to make oven baked wings tomorrow trying a different technique than I'd usually spring for, involving a dry rub with baking powder... :confused:. Now, I have made many recipes from this YouTube based source with good results, but I'm on the rail with this one so feedback would be great.


Recipe is as follows:


Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings


Ingredients for 4 portions:
2 1/2 pounds chicken wing sections
1 Tbsp. kosher salt
1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
1 tsp. smoked paprika
2 Tbsp. baking powder (aluminum free)?!
- Coat wings, and bake at 425 F., turning every 15-20 minutes, until they are browned and crispy. Total cooking time will be about 1 hour, but that depends on the size and temperature of your wings.
For the Honey Sriracha glaze:
1/3 cup honey
1/3 cup Sriracha
1 Tbsp.. seasoned rice vinegar
1/4 tsp sesame oil
sesame seeds to garnish
  Some questions I have are:
1. Should I dry the wings well, and coat with oil? (I rendered some pork fat from trimmings of last nights roast this morning by coincidence)
2. Would tweaking the recipe in any way involving cornstarch in the dry rub be a good thing, bad thing, etc.? What about more spices?
3. What about brining? I have the time, but is it worth it for just wings, probably not. Plus I don't know how it'd affect the recipe.
4. What's up with the science of the baking powder? Also mine on hand ingredient's are: Cornstarch, Bicarbonate of Soda, Sodium Aluminum Sulfate, and Acid Phosphate of Calcium. Do I really need to go to the store? 
5. I don't have a baking rack for a sheet pan. I have a insert for a roasting pan rack which has the construction of an oven rack (In thickness and slightly closer spacing.). Should I use this on a sheet pan, or just parchment, or some other jerry rig option?
  Thanks in advance guys, and thanks to Chef John from Food Wishes. Is he ever on these forums BTW? Anyways here's the links for the video and recipe blog if you'd like. Later yall.:cool:

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:eek: oops, sorry Cerise, I wrote my whole last post having forgot it wasn't my thread, not trying to hijack the thread :( 

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Take wings, separate into the drum and wing section(as mentioned, keep the tips for stock! I toss them in a foodsaver bag until I have enough). Deep fry. When done toss in a 50/50 mix of melted butter and Franks hot sauce. This is supposed to be the original Anchor Bar wing recipe. I usually bump the Franks/butter to more like 60/40. Heat the hot sauce then off the heat melt in the butter so it doesn't break.


But i am being lazy tomorrow, bunch of deep friend junk food!

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I'm making mine from the linked video.  I'll let you know how they turn out  :chef:

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I love wings. I can eat them all day every day. I like many variations but have two favorites. Anchor Bar original and a brined grilled version I came across a while back.

The first Anchor Bar:

Traditional are naked, Friedan peanut oil, tossed in 50/50 Frank's/butter add cayenne pepper to desired heat. I actually prefer a light flour dusting, but leave sauce the same. Lots of cayenne though.

My new favorite non traditional wing is IPA/buttermilk brined wings grilled and finished with a sriracha glaze.

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Thanks for the wing "tips." They all look and sound great! licklips.gif
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Back in the late fifties or so I remember my mother laying out wings on a baking sheet, brushing sour cream on them, sprinkling some sort of seasoning - my best guess is italian dressing packet - and baking until done. As I recall she used whole wings, all three sections.


But like others, I remove the tips for stock.



Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
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One I used to make for parties where deep frying wasn't an option...


Trim tips off wings. Dip in butter then shake ranch dressing mix on top. Bake in a 425 oven until done.

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So I made the Honey Sriracha wings and they were great.  I didn't toss them in the sauce too many different palates so served that on the side.  I also altered the sauce so it wouldn't be over the top.  Everyone thought I had fried them they were that crisp and didn't dry out like fried wings get.  Will do it the same way next time.


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Did the same @Mike9 and I was happy with the result. One thing note worthy is not to dredge these beforehand and refrigerate. I made a small test batch for lunch and panned out the rest to fire once my family arrived. The coating took on too much liquid and became pasty and did not crisp nearly like the first batch, slight metallic after-note on the second batch as well. All in all a good recipe, I want to try it on drumsticks but I'm sure that would take some timing and temp adjustments.

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