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Happy Mardi Gras!

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Whoa!!! Happy Mardi Gras Y'all! Making 2 slabs of spareribs and kickin it :thumb: 

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Happy Mardi Gras to you and the rest here at Chef Talk. (I'm a little belated)


We had Red Beans and Rice. We wanted some Mardi Gras cookies but alas the bakery sold out, plus I've been very sick and forgot about Mardi Gras.


I did enjoy my dinner last night and I hope everyone had fun.


OT: I like your icon; I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force as well. Frylock is my favorite but I love Shake, Carl, the Moonites etc. It is an awesome little show. Glad to know someone else watches beside me :D

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  Thanks Lenny, I forgot about Mardi Gras on purpose somewhat, :look: first year in a long time I haven't had to work it with 4 hour turn arounds through the quarter for two weeks straight. Honestly, you work a almost a decade of Mardi Grases (Is that a word?) and you'll turn homicidal around that time of year, the FOH money isn't worth your sanity either. Are you from the south Lenny Btw?


  Yeah I don't think anyone else knows what this avatar is. I was going to post the picture on a thread I was going to start about doing something dangerous by using the wrong equipment, like a "I know this is a bad idea but.... instead of an immersion blender can I cut off the paddles off an old KA hand mixer to puree this scalding hot soup in a cocktail shaker... yadda yadda yadda" thead, but just abandoned doing that recipe anyways. I love this pic because Meadwad thinks hes gangsta pulling a gun on Shake but he's too dumb to know which way to hold it. I also love his "Oh I'll do it! I'm from da hood" or whatever it was! :lol: such a long time ago.

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Hey there NewOrleansCookJ, I bet down in New Orleans, Mardi Gras is extremely busy. I bet you are slammed and just waiting to get off. I was not sure what FOH stands for but you always want your money. Even if you slammed just remember to get that dough :D. And I am from the south, what gave me away. I'm from Mississippi.


I love the story behind your icon. ATHF is an awesome little show, I like when Meatwad gets Carl's car '2 Wycked' as a donation from the Kidney Foundation and Shake pulls him over dressed as a cop. That was classic. 


Do you watch Squidbillies as well? If so I love Granny Cuyler.

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  I've seen a few episodes but not enough to know much about it. Anyways, it was a good Mardi Gras down here, and it might be my last for a while. I'm hoping to work and save until around late may and move to Portland or Seattle. The summer's are our slow season for hospitality, where as the Pacific Northwest's are in peak. Having gotten a chance to visit up there last summer for a month, I feel its time for me to check out what living and working somewhere else is like. Standard of living is quite nice, even if rent is higher. The food scene is very diverse and engaging, and a lot of what I got to try out there was some of the best produce, pork, beef and pacific coast seafood I've ever had. I'll miss the crawfish, and gulf oysters and occasional only in new orleans  type of moments, but hey Vegas ain't to far if I get that itch lol. 

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