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Looking for 2 or 3 days work exp New York May '16

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Hi all,
I'm coming to New York in May for a couple of weeks and have the crazy idea of doing a couple of days work experience. I'm currently head chef at a wholefood/ vegan/ vegetarian cafe in Sydney, Australia but would love to work in any kind of commercial kitchen.
I realise insurance is an issue but there's always a way round this stuff!
Any advice gratefully received!!!smile.gif
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Pick out a few top restaurants and write them an old fashioned letter explaining what you want to do. You may have heard the term stage (stahj) which is to work for a day unpaid just to gain experience. Let them know the exact dates you would be in town. Do it now so they have time to reply and you have time to respond to their reply. Include all your contact information like standard address, email, phones, etc. 

They may turn you down flat. They may not be able to on the dates you are available. Or they may decide to let you. 

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Thanks for your reply. Thing is, I'm a bit bewildered as to which restaurants to approach- there seems to be literally thousands in NYC😳. But yep, I'll flick off some emails tonight. Thanks again!
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     I think it is important to decide beforehand what kind of work experience you are looking to have? 

This may be old fashioned of me but I would strongly advise against an email as a first introduction. Emails can be overlooked, deleted, received as spam, etc. An actual letter, typed and well written, is more likely to be paid attention to because it shows you put some effort in to it rather than "flicking off some emails..". Once you establish contact, then let the restaurant decide how the communication will continue. 

     Yes, there are thousands of restaurants, but there are not so many great ones. Before contacting them you should be doing some research to find out which ones are best, why they are important and what makes them unique. A simple google search for top NYC restaurants is enough to get you started. Do some reading about them so you can decide what kind of experience you are trying to get and which restaurant can best provide it. Once you have narrowed it down, then send a letter written specifically to those restaurants. 

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The rest have given you good ideas on where to look for working a few days. Your going to New York City, take a city tour, eat at all the restaurants you can. Catch a few Broadway plays or musicals. There is so much to see and do in NYC I wouldn't spend that time in someones kitchen. Your flying half way around the world, relax enjoy the hustle and bustle of this crazy city. 

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