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Need help with knives

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I am new here and am need of a new knife set.  I have always just bought knife blocks for $50-$60 and they are great for a few months and then are crap.  I would finally like to buy a nice set that actually is sharp and cuts like they should.  I am just a stay at home mom and am just doing the basics.  Today I typically just use 2-3 different knives in my block (this is primarily b/c I don't know how to use the different knives I have).  Can anyone recommend a good small set that will give me 3-5 of the basic knives I need?  Would be good to get some steak knives as well.  Again, I don't need fancy professional chef style knives, so looking for something affordable.


Thanks for your help!!!

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Henckels twin signature series. They have 7,11,19 piece set.. Nice knives, not to expensive. Check out cutlery and more .com
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Wood, any knife you buy will be crap in no time at all if you don't sharpen it.

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woodm, this is how you keep knives sharp for years and years. Crappy knives and good ones. We haven't come up with a knife material yet that doesn't get duller with usage.

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