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Thompson Ham?

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A while back someone was asking about how he could make a famous processed ham from a Pennsylvania company.  I thought for sure it was Thompson ham, but when I just googled nothing came up.


Anybody have any idea what is actually being referred to here?

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Taylor ham, perhaps.
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Oh yeh that other T name, thanks Brian.

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Personally, Taylor pork roll never did much for me. I'd take it out of the sandwich and just let the grease add flavor to the egg and cheese. Its too processed for my taste. But very popular in some places. We can get it relatively easily in Los Angeles but I prefer to point to it and simply marvel at its availability rather than actually buy any and eat it.


Now fried bologna... that's different.  Yummy!


Have you seen this... if you are thinking about making some yourself:

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Oh so it's a type of sausage!  I was picturing like a ham on the bone.

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As a fellow Bostonian (with heritage dating back to the 1600's) I would have assumed that too. But you know those wild and crazy New Jersey folks... Taylor ham should really be known as Taylor "ham", but it isn't.  And they aren't about to change things because we don't understand. Ha ha ha.  AKA pork roll... which is much more descriptive.  :)

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Here is the original post that brought it to my attention


Actually bigwheel's recipe looks far more interesting to me.  There was a link to more about Taylor ham and that it contained much coriander, but the site is gone.


But the addition of ECA and port or chianti (which I have had in charcuterie) might be interesting along with BW's recipe.


I've been intrigued with sandwhitch meats lately.  It started when I heard about the now-defunct Paseo of Seattle.





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