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They didn't manufacture. They place purchase orders through craftsmen who make the knives. Some of the same craftsmen used by other known brands. Most vendors work like that whether it is their own brand or something else they are selling.
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Got it; Thanks!

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Originally Posted by RobertB View Post


General Electric (Edison) has been proudly providing light bulbs to Japan for the last 100 years also.  Point is, you'd think if these (Yoshihiro branded knives) were actually made in Japan, they would proudly say they were. But they don't actually say that, because they are probably not made there. Not saying it's a bad knife, but the Xinzuo damascus VG10 chef knife is a good knife too with similar specs, and it's sells for $40 dollars.  If you buy them in large quantity, you can get them a whole lot cheaper.


It's not a big deal, but I've been dealing with Chinese manufacturers for close to 20 years, and I smell a rat here. Yosihiro is clearly trying to market their brand as a Japanese manufactured knife.  Hayate Yoshihiro Corporation President Bruce Park is Korean, if that means anything.


Rob quite possible if you looked you could find a couple Chinese factories that could produce quite decent blanked san-mai knives.  Then follow what the Misen guys did on their Kickstarter campaign and you too could find yourself with a million+ in orders.

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Yoshihiro's got some forged looking stuff, as well as single beveled traditional style knives. Probably immediately recognizable to a buyer if that were outsourced or otherwise something trying to be passed off as something else. Based on what all has happened to China in the past century or so from a cultural and economic and labor/skillset standpoint...I doubt there are a significant number of people with the skill and craftsmanship to be putting out that kind of stuff, in those knife shapes/types as well. There certainly isn't much of a domestic market for it. And if there are actually passable forged knives like gyutos and usubas...well I might have to go search around for them next time I'm back.

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I'm feeling like RobertB's blanket statement is a conspiracy theory.  I have had dealings with Yoshohiro and the quality of their product is very good to excellent at all price points.  This is just bull hockey.  The about us paragraph I posted is what they are all about.  No different from Japanese Knife Imports, or Chef Knives to Go, or any other high end knife vendor.  Seriously - let it go.

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I had thought from the start that there was no credible reason to make such disingenuous statements from an initial browsing of a website.

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Yoshihiro is a Japan company and makes knifes in japan. They provide for food industry more than home cooks.

That said, Japan's workmanship is inferior to the neighboring Central Kingdom. 
Think about the construction quality of their nuclear plants, cause big trouble every now and then. 

But most of us are not aware of it, we prefer to believe the Japan technology is way better than the Central Kingdom, and Europe and even US of A.

What a shame. The profit-driven importers fabricated so many stories about how great the Japanese knives are. But to me, they are not as good as they are thought to be.

I would stick to Old Hickory and Arkansas stones. 

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That's an opinion I guess.  I have chinese made cleavers and also chukabocho.  The edge retention on the Japanese made ones are far superior.  

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