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having a knife 'redone'

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I remember seeing a thread in the past referencing people who 'redo' knives. Long story short, I have a very old kitchen knife that is basically a junk knife but is sentimental to someone in my home because it has been passed down over the years.


It has a really old, warn out wood handle that I would like to inquire about having replaced / redone. Does anyone know someone who does this that isnt outrageously expensive?


I thought I would add, the knife is stamped  "Ekco stainless steal".

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Is there a gap between the scales and the tang?
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I dont know what a tang or scale is

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scale is the wood

tang is the metal


If they aren't seperated, you can sand it down and re finish.  No tools required just sandpaper and oil.

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If they are separated you can use laminating epoxy.  It will flow in and fill the gaps.

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