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Tojiro DP for a smaller woman new cook?

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As I posted in a different thread, my wife decided to learn to use a knife and cook, and we took a pretty good class on knife skills at the local high end fancy grocery.


She now wants a new knife, something like the Tojiro DP. However, she is a smaller woman, 5 foot tall with smaller hands. Any issues you foresee? I am about to pull the trigger an Amazon, but am second guessing.

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Go for it. The handle is not too big and w pinch grip it hardly matters. Compared to western knives it will seem light and nimble.
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As long as your current counter and board height works for her using existing knives, a Tojiro DP chefs knife or something similar should pose no problem. Just give a reminder to only cut on a suitable board, I guess smile.gif
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Many novices have never handled a truely sharp knife like a Tojiro DP. These are truely very sharp. Over the course of years of using knives, chef's develop repeatable safe handling habits and care of use. Perhaps a small chain-mail glove (aka butche's glove) for her other novice hand.


Almost all of my knives are Asian and a keenly honed. I warn anyone who might use one in my kitchen to pay attention. I don't need extra finger bits.

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Naw, the mail gloves will damage your edges, and the clear shiny Scotch tape is great for staunching finger cuts.

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Also I feel like it can be hard to find small/tight enough fitting ones that don't impede with a standard claw grip. The ones I've used before wouldn't let my claw hand get within 2 inches of the blade+cutting edge because of how clunky and thick the gloves were.

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Hi I've a question, what handle is the tojiro dp made off? Some say it's wood and some say it's micarta
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Doesn't seem like wood to me to be honest. More of a dense plastic kind of feel? I have another knife with a linen micarta handle and the DP feels fairly different. I don't have the right words for this...
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Stamina wood is a laminate made of veneers that have been dyed, then impregnated with phenolic resin and compressed under high pressure and heat. The result is a material that can be worked with woodworking tools, then sanded and buffed to a high luster.

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Is stamina wood equivalent to pakka wood?
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Yes all pretty much the same process - different manufacturers Dymondwood is another one.

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Yeah same thing.  Composite of little pieces of wood and plastic resin.  Can be died, sanded, cut.   Because of the plastic it doesn't warp like natural wood, and water resistant.  Much less maintenance.  

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From the Tojiro site:

Considering the environment is one of the “Tojiro’s” fundamental functions. The handles also show our orientation toward effective utilization of resources.
Originally, most of handles used multi-layered wooden handle for their material and it was made of wood and resin processed by high-pressure crimp. However, we have completed to change from the multi-layered wood to Reinforced Laminated Material, which has less environmental impact.
“Reinforced Laminated Material” is made from sawdust, which is produced from processing of woods and usually incinerated, and resin. It is environment-friendly and has more durability.
Because handles are very important part to connect hand and blades, we paid great attention to the tactile and weighs. We are sure that the handles are superior to the former handles.
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I was thinking that there may be a newer "generation" of Tojiro DPs. Mine was purchased last year. It doesn't have any streaks or color gradients like 2 of my other knives that have pakka wood handles. Doesn't feel like those other handles either. Must be that new RLM handle that the website mentions. Thanks Benuser
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These knifes are razor sharp. But as far as hand feel go with the size you like I use the 10.5 inch chefs knife, and love it. I am coming from wusthofs and the weight difference is substantially less, which is a godsend to me. I bought a whole set from Amazon with the wooden covers and I couldn't be happier. Just remember to use a good cutting board not a cheap plastic one, and you should be just fine. Handles are very comfortable through all cooking tasks. There's my two cents. Happy cutting
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