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knife left on burner

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Well, my new tojiro chef knife was left on an on burner for about five minutes. Luckily it wasnt damaged.


I would have thought that the plastic/resin whatever handle would have melted, but it didnt.

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How do you know it wasn't damaged? Didn't turn blue??
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I guess thats a good question


it didnt leave a mark, didnt melt any. Didnt seperate apart. What else should I look for?

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Color change of the steel for one. How hot was the burner? How hot was the knife?? I'm sure that Rick will chime in with more detailed knowledge.
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it was just the end of the handle that was over the burner. About 3 centimeters worth or so. It was between 2 and 3 on the heat level. The metal, from what I can see, doesnt appear to of changed color. The but was to hot to hold. I ran it under running water to cool it off.


The only part of the steel that I can see is the edge that shows on the sides of the handle so ..

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i'm hoping its alright, i havent even had it for a month yet.

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I hope you are right! Good luck!!
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The handle is "Stamina Wood" resin impregnated veneers.  let me guess you left it laying on a pot, or pan - bad idea, but the good news is now you know better.  

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do you think its damaged, wont work right, etc? or probably ok?



I had the knife on a cutting board laying over onto the burner (barely) ... someone else turned the stove on and turned on the wrong burner.

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I'm thinking you may be okay.
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I would know otherwise if it fell apart, broke in half, or warped I suppose?


Hoping Rick also chimes in.

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Perhaps the OP should reproduce the incident with an object of a lesser value but comparable weight, and measure the temperature that has been reached. IIRC if it isn't above 200C and not for hours, there is no risk of a deteriorated temperament. With a high temperature over a longer time the blade will have become softer.
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I'm no knife expert like some on here but after thirty years of using/abusing equipment, I'll say that your knife is fine. It was just the handle and that didn't melt. You are a bit over concerned because it's a nice new knife but after this you will be over cautious. So lesson learned with no damage. You dodged the bullet this time. 

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If it didnt damage the handle, then theres not enough heat to travel up the blade either. Dont worry about it
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You can't tell easily.


Steel is hardened at very high temperature (red hot), then tempered at low heat. At low heat, the steel color may not change. So you might have changed the quality of part of the knife.



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