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truffle pecorin

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Recipe on you tube used this in a cauliflower dish. On line it would cost $34 total for 1 lb, is it like truffle oil or the real thing. Sold on amazon
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You mean TRUFFLE PECORINO?  Yes it's expensive, but so is real truffle oil.  The cheaper stuff is chemically flavored and contains a hint of real truffle.  You might be further ahead to check out D'Artagnon for truffle products.  Subscribe to their news letter they have some good sales.


Or shop Amazon and see what you can find - like truffle powder you can add to pecorino for your dish.

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Why don't you learn how to make it with the cheese you have on hand as discussed in your previous thread on this subject?  Make a simple bechamel and add the cheese.

Master it then worry about blowing $34 on a pound of cheese.

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I did with one head, turned out great. I just wanted to know about this cheese because didn't know about it also have 2 bottles of tartufo bianco white and black truffle oil I keep in the fridge. These are years old, you think they are still good? Mostle chilled to solid but warms back to liquid. I have a bunch of asparagus and I was thinking of slicing it up and adding it to the next head I make, you think it would be ok with the cauliflower and cheese?
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did you guys buy all my cheese? went back and it was sold out

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