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Burger King turns up the heat on spicy new burger:

The Angriest Burger is a flame-grilled beef patty topped with bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, crispy onions, jalapenos, mayonnaise and "spicy angry sauce." The signature red bun has hot sauce baked in for a little extra kick

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Can't wait to try that. I was addicted for a while to Carl's Jr. el Diablo burger. Maybe a side by side comparison is in order!
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I'm wondering what a red bun will turn poop color, Halloween black bun turned it green but it was worth it

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Based on similar experience, I'd guess "red".
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Classy thread boys ;-)


Just a tiny bit OT here....the BK near my house is next door to Taco Bell.

The Grands love the food and brought me the new Quesalupa and I think it may have to go on my guilty pleasure list.

The soft AND crispy fry bread "shell" has a layer of jack cheese inside and as for the filling (I had beef fajita) there is a mix and match list of all the regular suspects.

Like I said really good (but prolly nowhere near as good as the turn your poop red BK Angry Burger lol).



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Reminds me of the black bun Halloween whopper that turned your poop green


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