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Custom Knife of AEB-L

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Went to get some professional sharpening done and practice my technique.  This fellow makes knives and I've been thinking about adding a cleaver or similar to my arsenal.  He makes a Nakiri from AEB-L steel.  Is this a good choice for this style knife?  I understand it's very hard and should hold an edge quite nicely.  Comments appreciated.



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A lot of people have nakiris but rarely use them. Never found anything I couldn't do with a chef's knife, but got irritated by the nakiri's limitations. And any knife form can be made out of any common steel. Hard to say one type of knife is at its best when made of this steel, or that a steel is at its best as a gyuto or a nakiri.
AEB-L is an excellent steel, but for performing really well the heat treatment is critical. Have seen a lot of them that were only average performers and hard to sharpen. I've seen a truly remarkable AEB-L by Haburn.
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Thanks.  After looking closer at the dimensions of that knife, I think larger would be in order, In further study, the nikiri seems to be just for soft stuff like veggies so yes, a chef's knife would do.  I'm thinking more like hacking up poutry.  Guess I'll pass on this one but man his knives have the most beautiful handles.



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For poultry unless you want to really go thru bones: the Honesuki in SLD. Coarsely grained steel, very abrasion resistant. An aggressive edge at any angle.
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Who is the maker you are referring to?  

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It's a local guy here in Riverside, CA.


Ben, I'll look into the Honesuki.  About the only other bones I'd saw into would be ribs and that isn't a problem.

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