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Wine & food geek

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Hi Everyone,


My name is Konrad, amateur cook, who likes to experiment in the kitchen. And have a glass of right wine with his meal. To make wine and food pairing easier I've spent last two years building automated, science based system. But that's another story.


Have a great day!

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Well Konrad you have landed in the right place!

Chef Talk is loaded with food and wine geeks (affectionate description lol) and I am quite sure they will be very curious re this new system you have come up with.




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Thanks mimi!

And I would be willing to share more details about it, if anyone asks.



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Hi Konrad!


I also just joined this website!


I will then be the one asking: an automated food and wine pairing system? Does it have something to do with similar molecules present in both some meals and some wine?

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Hi there and Welcome!

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