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What path should I take?

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This is my first post but I was just wondering, what path should I take? I'm a 14 year old student going into high school next year. What would be the best school (Preferably in the New England area) and I just and I'm just trying to figure things out. I want to be a head chef of my own restaurant when I get older but I'm not very educated in the culinary field. Anything would help, facts, tips, help. 




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Hi, welcome. 


You best bet, being 14, is to read and research as much as possible. Share your interest with your parents or guardians, and have them help you explore your interest. 


I guarantee your family will love the help making meals!


I would say in the next year or so, try to get a job in a nearby restaurant. Depending on what food you think you might want to cook someday, try and get into a kitchen to start helping. Washing dishes is a great job for a teenager in this business, and odds are you'll know pretty fast whether you want to continue to work in restaurants in the future. 


Once you get better at washing dishes, basic production tasks like peeling potatoes, cutting mirepoix, etc can be assigned to you if you ask. 


As far as best schools, that is subjective as well. A few years ago, I would have steered you into the direction of the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, but unfortunately I think the school is slipping quite a bit. You should check out the Culinary Institute of America in upstate New York, and I know Johnson and Wales has several campuses in your region. 


It might not be too soon for a visit...maybe your family can take you for a drive to visit the CIA and JW? I don't think its too soon. 


I also urge you to read some older threads here at ChefTalk. There are many topics about the rigors of a life in the restaurant business, and while if you truly have a passion for cooking and food it won't deter you, some knowledge of what you may be getting into is good. 


Practice at home as much as possible! Look up recipes online to try! Be creative, have fun!


You Tube is a great resource as well, there are thousands of cooking demos, recipes, techniques, documentaries, etc. 


Let us know how it goes!

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