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Cooking Tutorial Video

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Hello, I am developing a baking course video for my bakery. Any tips on where I can find freelance video editor who specialises with professional instructional videos?

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Is there a college or university near you? Often a lot of talent for reasonable money.
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... Or check with a wedding shop; they always have referrals to videographers, often they have credentials far more impressive than the wedding work.
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Hi! I'd suggest checking out Valoso. Although there are plenty of other reliable video editor hiring sites like Elance, I find Valoso really easy to use and I've always experienced a pretty fast turn around. Plus, the videos they created turned out really awesome! The cooking tutorial I made went viral on my Facebook page and it was a success since the number of students who signed up for my cooking tutorial course doubled. But most of all, I find it really gratifying that I've seen comments from users who tried following the recipe and received positive feedback saying that the recipe was delicious!  

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Hi, Brian! I haven't checked any college or universities near my area. But maybe I'll try the wedding shops. I think they can help me with this and I'll start canvassing tomorrow. 


Hi, Henry! Thanks, I will check the site and see if I can hire a freelancer to have my video edited. 


Thanks for all the replies and support, btw! 

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