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Terrible experience !!!

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Customer service is lacking to say the least. My knife broke into two pieces and should not have done so. I dropped it onto a linoleum floor and it snapped at its widest point. I cant get anyone to respond to my issue for replacing the knife. I am disabled and saved up for one nice knife because I love to cook and thought it would last me a lifetime. Boy was I mistaken. The blade quality is crap and I would never recommend this knife to anyone. After some research I have found that there are far superior knives for the same price and or much less. 

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?? It's a relatively thin looking knife that hit a hard hard floor. Is there a lifetime warranty against all use and damages that is supposed to be honored?

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Dramatic break. Sad story. Sorry for your loss.

Thanks for joining CT to tell your story.
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It was supposed to have a 5yr warente but I dont have the receipt. I contacted the company but they said they wouldnt do anything without it.

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Read the warrantee; generally cover manufacturing defect only.
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For a knife to break like this is a manufacture defect. There has got to be impurties or something in the metal for it to break at its widest point from a 3ft drop on a semi soft surface. I still cant believe how little it took to break.

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On a good note I will be getting a Mayabi which blows this away so in the end it all worked out I guess. 

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Well that could be but trying to prove molecular failure, especially when it happened after dropping, is nearly impossible. How are you to prove that; through scientific testing? And who are you trying to convince... Generally a clerk-level employee, or if elevated to management perhaps even someone with less knowledge. Moving on is the best idea!
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Oh god is that the Guy Fieri rockin santoku?   I recommended this as a joke a couple times

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Kohl's carries the FN brand (as well as RR and Flay) and about 5 years ago I picked up a food processor on clearance (original price over $200 sale price just under $100).

Had it for about 6 months and had barely used it when a couple of parts came off.

When I tried to return it Kohl's did not stand behind it saying that they (FN) handled their own customer service.

Well guess what?

They refused to repair/replace.

Seems that the housing warranty had expired.

At that point I realized WHY it was on clearance at such an attractive price lol.

Pricey paperweight.

Sorry if OT just thought I would reinforce the OP's frustration.



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It was the 8in Knuckle Sandwich. Not the santoku but it's quality is packing to say the least. The pretty handle is what drew me in to make the purchase and boy did I learn my lesson. After getting my hands on some of the finer knives. I have learned that this knife is truly crap and you are paying for the name and as I stated. The pretty handle. Go buy a 8in Mayabi Kaiizen for 99$ right now and it will work circles around this knife and is 100 times better.

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Paying for the name... that's for sure, with this and so many other products. It is appalling to me when I see what some celebrity chefs are endorsing. Have you seen the knife that Ming endorses? My kids gave me one for Christmas - it is great for opening boxes, etc. but for cooking not so much. And they all are doing it - Todd English, Wolfgang, Rachel, Emeril, etc. some of the products may actually be good but most I see might not be. But I must admit that handle is cool looking. As a comparison, though, I dropped my Shun Premier onto a tile floor from a height of about 5 feet... blade straight down. Only a minor bend of the tip and a chip in the heel. I don't know what that says in comparison to your situation but I think it is interesting.

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Mine was about a 3ft drop and it landed sideways. I do know a little about metal from being a welder for some time in my life. I do understand that a lot of blades for chefs knives have a high carbon content making them more brittle then some other types of metals but it should have never broken in this manner unless there were some impuraties when making the actual metal its self in that exact spot of the blade. Its to funny that this happened because when I fist got the knife I told everyone how strange the knife sounded when you would tap it with something. It made a very high pitch tinging sound unlike other blades that I have encountered. I never liked this knife from the start but I just couldnt bring myself to spend another 100$ on a knife. Welp I should have a Mayabi Kaizen here very soon. They are on sale right now for an 8in 99$. They are usually 169$. They are hand made and very percise. The best of the best so to speak. I highly recommend getting one to anyone in the market 

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Yes, that high-pitched tinging sound is bizarre. My Shuns do that too. Maybe due to hardness of steel and thinness of blade?? Its actually a bit unnerving.


When it comes to dropped knives (or "abused" in other ways) I continue to find it amazing how bizarre and unpredictable the interaction of metallurgy and physics can be!


But more than anything, I continue to be amazed at how crappy and limited warrantees can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well they wont even honor the warranty because the knives have been discontinued. That is crap because when I bought it the 5yr warranty is one of the reasons for the purchase. They did offer me a 40% discount though. Woopty doo. 

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Granted, give me some breathing room here (I'm new here and this is literally my first post.) but let me look at your problem with a fresh set of eyes. Honestly, I think that the best fix for your whole problem is to go out and buy a new, much cheaper knife with poor cutting geometry.

Sounds crazy? I'll explain... Dropping a knife on a hard floor is neglect. Even if accidental. That's not what they are made for. Now why replace it with a cheaper knife....? You are paying for better materials and performance the more you spend. Not durability. Think I'm crazy? Buy a $800 custom usuba and slam it edge first against your stainless sink. I'll bet it doesn't go well. Why? It's a hand crafted tool designed to do a VERY SPECIFIC TASK very well. If you are disappointed in the durability of your Gay fiery then you are going to HATE a Miyabi. A Miyabi is made TWICE as thin as the w.t.feiry knife and uses a MUCH harder steel. If you say you know about steel then you would understand that the lower quality steel used in your broken knife has much better ductility and toughness than the harder steel in the Miyabi, which because of a higher overall hardness and abundance of carbides will be a MUCH more brittle and fragile knife. Return the Miyabi, save the money and order your next knife from an infomercial. Check out Ginzu. I hear they cut through hammers AND tomatoes.
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