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All soups I make taste like vomit? - Page 2

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The closest I've ever made something taste like vomit is by adding [i]too much[/i] dried oregano and thyme. I find that it does have a very pungent taste and is also quite gritty. 


Aside from that, check all of your ingredients and your equipment. Everything you put in a soup or a sauce contributes to its' flavour in some way, so if one item is old or otherwise not usable, it'll affect the rest of the ingredients. Is your skillet or pot dirty? Onions or oils expired?


I'd recommend following a few different recipes to learn the method and see how they turn out. After you've had a chance to learn the techniques, then you can start improvising and adding a bit of your creativity to the dish. Fact is, if everything is in good condition and of good quality, and if you're applying the proper method and techniques, it will end up being good. 

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I think the first thing you need to rule out, for sake of this thread, is that "its just you".

Have someone else try your soup, and have someone else make it from your exact recipe

and ingredients, then YOU try it and see if it still tastes vominated. (TM)


It's also possible , you're just choosing the word vomit to mean tastes terrible, off taste, not

palatable, etc.

But if all is on the up and up, Im planting my flag in the rancid-fat camp.

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Stay out of the kitchen!!!

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firstly,  make a good chicken stock and use this instead of veg stock.  when making  tomato soup just try onions and garlic.  yes garlic. and some sugar.  buy some sherry vinegar and add some drops of this to the 'mater soup.  then after it cooks for a while, use a immersion blender   and pass it through a food mill or chinois.  then add your heavy cream.

  on your corn chowder again toss the veg stock and use either seafood stock or buy some chicken or seafood base to enhance the flavor .

i have never had a soup taste/smell like vomit.  i think vomit may be a very strong word to use...mayb  strong sour taste is a better example.

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