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I have been deboning and opening shoulders for porchetta. Salt and season let the salt work for twenty four hours or so. Perforate the skin with a Jakartta or paring knife rub skin with vinegar and salt, fill tie off , I bake four hours or so at 450. This has been producing a good crispy skin. Same prep low and slow than high heat good also. Thinking about some steam first than moderate oven than high. Any tips? Thanks
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Yes, use bellies with the loins attached. Instead of shoulder.
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Yes,, the loin belly or tenderloin belly are the usual cuts used here. I am trying to get the shoulder to be as good a porchetta as I can. Thanks
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I use belly, brine it for 5 days, roll it, tie it and roast it, then you get that porcheta shape. Absolutely delicious, had nothing but compliments for it,mmmmmmm quite fancy a bit now

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