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Contract for Teaching at Summer Camp

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Hello! I'm a newbie culinarian from South Florida. I've been contacted to teach cooking classes at 2 summer camps starting in June. What kind of contract should I have in place for this? It's 1-2 classes a week for 6-11 y/o held within the summer camps commercial kitchens. Please help!
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You need to get a job description.  It should include all duties expected, specific hours to be worked, compensation, and who you work for.  Remember to teach a one hour class it may require many hours of research and planning.  Are you to provide lesson plans, recipes, equipment lists, and nutritional info?


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I agree with @Jimyra. How are you going to work with (or around) meal production for the camp. Will the students assist in any way with meal production for the camp? Who supplies food and supplies for teaching? That will require coordination with the chef so you're not dipping into  ingredients for meals.


A though on pay: Many camps pay staff a daily rate vice hourly pay (all my staff are on a daily rate with no overtime). Will the camp provide housing if it's in a remote area?

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This is a day are attending at a local privately owned/operated community child care center from 8-5 daily. It's not a sleep away camp. It's right in the middle of my home community. I will be instructing 12-25 kids in split sessions once or twice a week for about 1.5hrs or so for about 9 sessions (if only once a week) or 18 sessions (if twice weekly) June-August. Hopefully that clears up some things.
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"1.5 hrs or so"  "about 9 sessions"  "or 18 sessions"  "12-25 children"  according to my late aunt who was a school teacher kids are goats, she taught children.  You still have not nailed your job responsibility's.  How much time will you be spending preparing, planning and teaching.  Poor planning causes poor results.  I would suggest you plan on spending a little time on food safety.  

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My biggest worry would be liability. I would make sure the camp had you insured. If your working with kids fire, hot pans, knives are not a great idea. Like others said, make sure you have everything in writing. If shopping is involved then it's a much bigger project. If your cooking a meal to be eaten at lunch the menu could be different. If the menu is between meals it may be more of a different approach to cooking. I think ounce you get what their asking of you you can figure out what you need to cover yourself in writing.......Good luck........Chef Bill

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