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chicken coatings

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Done shake & bake, buttermilk coated in flour, corn starch, used bread crumbs and ground up crackers but today something new came to me, pancake batter. I have a pan that fits my air fryer so do I dard! Would you dip the chicken in a wet batter or dry coat the chicken? Few kinds of pancake batterys could make for some interesting chicken.
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Dip it in red velvet cake crumbs. It really exists. Look it up on Google.
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roll in flour, then the pancake batter. the flour sucks up the moisture on the chicken and gives something for the moisture in the batter to be absorbed by. 

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It will be interesting for sure but I doubt it will get crispy but I've never done it. Waffle batter maybe? It will give a whole new meaning to chicken n waffles haha.

Now I'm getting ideas - what about chicken dipped in cornbread mix! Like a corn dog. Yum.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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I seem to remember hearing about the pancake thing a number of years ago, but I don't remember the details, but I thought they were just using the dry mix and not actually making a batter out of it.  But like I said, this was quite a while ago and I don't really remember the details.  I agree with KK, I'm not sure how crispy the batter would get.  I'm wondering about dipping the chicken in flour, then pancake batter and then into some kind of breading for the crunch factor.

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My grandmother used to coat chicken pieces with crushed seasoned cornflake crumbs and oven "fry." Not sure if she dipped them in egg or buttermilk first.

I've seen the red velvet cake coating in crumb and batter form, but don't know how it would translate to an air fryer. Never used one. I would read the manual first.
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there was a few videos on you tube using pancake batter. One Asian women made a wet batter (flour ,water, egg) the dipped the chicken in it then flour but she fried in oil were I want to use my air fryer. Figure could mix some oil into the batter that would start the oil frying. chicken looked pretty good.

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Pancake batter has sugar as an ingredient which will help the browning (in fact the coating may scorch before the meat is cooked thru) so IMO I would skip the oil on the first go around.

You could do a trial run with one piece and add it later if you aren't pleased with the results.


How do you like your air fryer?



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I don't have an air fryer so I can't say for certain, but this thread got me interested in them so I did a bit of research.  From what I have read/seen you can't really do "battered" foods without cooking them first.  The forced air circulation of an air fryer will take off most of the batter, so unless you are doing a very thin "batter" and then coating it in crumbs/crust of some kind it doesn't sound like trying to cook battered food in an air fryer would yield good results.  Again, I don't own one so haven't tried it, but this is what I have read, and knowing how these things operate it sounds like a legitimate reason.

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Video on you tube were they tried batter coated stuff with little success. One problem seamed batter leaked through holes but I have cooking pans for my air fryer that would prevent that. I have cooked coated foods which great success just not battered yet. Perfect hard boil egg in the shells, 330 degrees for 10 minutes and of course any breaded frozen food or fries they work best for. I have Avalon Bay 200SS but they all pretty much are the same. Less than $100 give one a try. Pleanty of videos on YouTube, I even made a cake in mine just need to follow their amounts they say to use in a pan
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Post a picture of finished product: Last night I defrosted 2 chicken thights in some garlic/soy sauce mix in the fridge. This morning mixed egg/flour/oil/water together with some spices & paprika then covered the thighs in that then flour/black pepper mix. Only could cook 1 at a time cause pan is small. 22 minutes at 400 and they turned out fine, nice crust. Some of the flour did blow off but I would call it a success. I'll post a picture

I do have one of them large size cook ovens like the nuwave that uses air/light/heat element bught off QVC long time ago just never tried. The glass bowel is huge the motor blower sites on, not looking forward to clean it so never tried it.
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Doesn't seem very efficient if you can only cook 1 piece at a time.

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Not being snarky but IMO the appearance is off putting.

The flour is lumpy and the color way too pale.

Fried chicken is supposed to be a crispy golden brown.

Again IMO but if I was on a strict low fat diet I would either completely skip the fried food or do oven bake (which still requires a tiny bit of oil but your body need some fats to metabolize vitamins).



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I didn't do any picture corrections so don't take the color for being true.

if I used the basket could have done 4 but just wanted to test hopping I wouldn't have to clean the whole basket. Even so easy cleanup with out all the mess and smell deep frying causes.
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