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Needing advice

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Today I had an interview for position of Dishwasher, I ended up getting hired on as a cook. I have no experience as a cook besides cooking at home from time to time. I have worked at Panera Beard as a crew member then moved up in the company to trainer and then food prepper which was more than 5 years ago. The gentleman that interviewed me said I had a great attitude and lots of energy and he was excited to work with me. What are somethings I can do to become the best line cook possible??

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Learn basic knife skills, look them up on u tube, get your mise set up, check what you have and what you need . Always think ahead as if you where playing chess.
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What kind of kitchen is it? 

Speaking generally, show up on time for every shift you are scheduled. Work hard, neat and clean. Don't lose your cool when it gets busy. Make sure every plate that leaves the kitchen is as it should be. Never send out a plate you aren't proud of. Save your opinions for after work. Listen to what you are being told. Be willing to do any job that needs doing. Be nice to everyone, no matter how irritated you are. 

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Could not answer this any better.

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It is a vineyard I am working at. I just want to be the best possible!

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